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Alexis Barnes, Secretary

Alexis J. Barnes, born, raised and educated in Jacksonville, graduating from William M. Raines, Sr, High School in 1970. I’m the proud mother of two children, LaKeisha and Aaron.

My higher education includes: Southern Baptist School of Biblical Studies: Bachelor of Theology; Thomas Brown Bible College: Masters in Theology; Thomas Brown College: Doctor of Ministries; Clara White Mission Janitorial Program; Certified OSHA, OTI 38-0079498.

My employment includes: UPS Package Car Driver (Retried), Clara White Mission: Janitorial Environmental Service Instructor, University of North Florida: Florida Institute of Education.

Community involvement: Community Hospice of NE Florida, Clara White Mission, Class Reunion President, Leadership roles at Emanuel Missionary Baptist Church.

I’m a small business owner of Auntie June’s Janitorial Service, LLC

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